Succeeding in a job interview.

The job interview, a torrid situation where we go to be judged by a panel, critiquing our abilities based on what they’ve read on 2 pieces of paper. I’ve done plenty (from both sides of the table), and have plenty of experiences to share.

A job interview is your chance to show enough about you, that the interviewer wouldn’t consider another candidate. This isn’t a fair process or scenario despite what you think. Everybody has unconscious biases, there may even be a preferred candidate. So it’s important to be prepared and unphased by anything.

Here are some tips on how to succeed in a job interview:

Do your research. Do your research. Do your research. I’ve heard tales of people applying for ‘hundreds’ of jobs on both social and mainstream media. If you treat a job application as something you can just click a button for, or copy and paste your CV for multiple job openings, then It doesn’t surprise me at all that you’re getting nowhere. Before the interview, take some time to learn about the company and the position you are interviewing for. This will show the interviewer that you are interested in the job and that you have taken the time to prepare. You can find information about the company on their website, in news articles, and on social media. You can also find information about the position by reading the job description carefully. You can go a little bit further with sites like LinkedIn to find out some information on the interviewers. Don’t be weird, and ask them about their last family holiday to Spain, but you could mention that you really enjoy the Spanish culture and note a point or two that would help build some rapport.

Dress appropriately. First impressions matter even for video call interviews!  This doesn’t mean you have to necessarily wear a suit but, you should dress appropriatly for the industry your applying for. If you’re applying for a creative, artistic type role, perhaps a suit wouldn’t fit the bill. But if you’re applying for an office based role, you should be clean and smart. A great tip is to use LinkedIn and see what other employees are wearing.

Be on time. Punctuality is critical, in my view if you’re late for the interview you’ll be late for work. Don’t be on time, be early. Why not arrive an hour or so early, recce where you’re supposed to be and then go have a coffee and relax before the interview. Sometimes, things are just out of your control, so if you are running late, call the interviewer as soon as possible to let them know. Take responsibility, it’s a good trait.

Be polite and respectful. Be polite and respectful to everyone you meet during the interview process, including the receptionist, the PA’s, the interviewers (obviously), and any other employees you come into contact with. This shows that you are a professional and that you would be a good fit for the company culture. You also don’t really know who’s influential or has the ear of management anyway!

Be confident. The interview is no time to be meek, confidence is key in a job interview. Don’t be afraid to talk about your skills and experience, and let the interviewer know why you are the best candidate for the job. Be prepared to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses, your career goals, and why you are interested in the job and what you’re going to do for the company.

Be enthusiastic. Show the interviewer that you are excited about the job and the company. This will make you more memorable and increase your chances of getting the job. Be prepared to talk about why you are interested in the company and the position, and what you can contribute to the company. Don’t be boring!

Ask questions. If you’ve done your research and you’re genuinely interested in the role, this should come easily. If you’re just after a pay cheque then I’d recommend looking for something else. At the end of the interview, be sure to ask the interviewer some questions. This shows that you are interested in the job and that you have taken the time to think about it. Ask questions about the company, the position, and the interviewer’s experience with the company, is the vacancy a new position, if not why did the last person leave.

Follow up. A totally underutilised tactic. After the interview, send a thank-you note to the interviewer. This is a great way to reiterate your interest in the job and to thank the interviewer for their time. It might just swing things your way.

Following these tips will help you make a good impression in your next job interview.

  • Common interview questions:
    • Tell me about yourself.
    • Why are you interested in this job?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • What are your salary expectations?
    • What makes you the best candidate?
    • Why do you want to work here?
    • How well do you cope with pressure?
    • Give me an example when you had to resolve an issue.
    • Why did you leave your last job?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Following these tips will give you an advantage in your next interview… unless all of the candidates have red this post!






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